poem written on 17-01-2024

My dreams

In the realm of dreams, my spirit takes flight, Where imagination dances with delight, A world unfettered by earthly bounds, Where wonders and fantasies know no bounds. I close my eyes, and my dreams unfurl, Like the petals of a rarest pearl, In the tapestry of the night so deep, My desires and hopes in slumber seep. I wander to lands unknown, far and wide, Where moments of magic gently reside, Through realms of shimmering moonlit haze, I chase the ethereal beauty it conveys. In gardens of star-filled roses I tread, With glowing petals like a halo spread, A celestial chorus sings a sweet refrain, As moonbeams shimmer on each golden vein. And in the distance, a waterfall cascades, Its frothy waters softly serenade, Dancing with mermaids in aquamarine, Whose enchanting voices remain unseen. Onward I wander to a world of ancient lore, Where phoenixes soar and dragons roar, Mountains reach high, touching the heavens above, Awe-inspiring landscapes that I've only dreamed of. I enter a forest, mysterious and deep, Where fairies and gnomes eternally sleep, In a symphony of whispering leaves, I'm serenaded by nature's harmonious peace. Through the whispering woods, I find a hidden glen, Where unicorns roam, purest beings of zen, With coats of ivory, and eyes of purest light, Guiding souls on a journey through day and night. I sail aboard a ship, amidst the midnight sky, Captured by constellations that shimmer and fly, Each star a portal to a distant cosmic realm, Where the wonders of the universe overwhelm. I meet celestial beings, with radiant grace, Who teach me wisdom and secrets of space, In their ethereal presence, I feel so alive, Drinking from the cup of knowledge, I thrive. But dreams are fleeting like morning dew, The dawn breaks, and reality ensues, Yet, in each new day, I carry with me, The wonders and magic that dreams set free. For within my soul, the dreams still reside, In the hidden chambers, where they cannot hide, And through the humdrum of life's mundane task, I'll forever chase the dreams that my heart has asked. In the realm of dreams, my spirit takes flight, Where imagination dances with delight, A world unfettered by earthly bounds, My dreams, my sanctuary, where magic abounds.

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