poem written on 22-07-2023

The beauty of space

In realms beyond our starry skies, Where mysteries dwell and wonders rise, There lies a realm so vast and grand, A celestial tapestry, carefully planned. Oh, the beauty it holds, this cosmic expanse, Stretching far, and wide, in a stellar dance, A tapestry of light, so brilliantly bright, Where dreams are born, and stars ignite. Within this canvas of endless black, Planets orbit on their cosmic track, From fiery suns to icy moons, Each heavenly body, a unique commune. Neptune, adorned in an aquamarine hue, Dances with rings of a deep cobalt blue, While Saturn basks in golden rings, Like jewels encircling its majestic wings. Jupiter, a giant, with swirling storms, Beholds the secrets, that space transforms, Its vibrant bands, with colors unseen, A swirling canvas, a celestial dream. Mars, the ruddy warrior, red and bold, With dusty storms and canyons untold, Echoes of a history, a tale untold, A planet once vibrant, but now grown cold. Venus, cloaked in a shroud so dense, A hidden world, steeped in suspense, A cauldron of heat, where volcanoes reside, Obscured by clouds, it veils with pride. But the grandest beauty of them all, Can be found where the starlight falls, In the depths of a galaxy, like a cosmic sea, Our home, the Milky Way, in all its majesty. A swirling spiral, a sirens' call, Bursting with clusters, both large and small, Nebulas ablaze in a vibrant display, Like cosmic fireworks, on a celestial holiday. From the pillars of creation, where stars are born, To vast supernovas, where others are shorn, The Milky Way enchants with its stellar display, A constant reminder of the cosmos at play. And beyond our galaxy, where comets streak, And meteors flash, with a radiant peak, Lies a tapestry of galaxies, galaxies untold, Stretching further than the human mind can behold. Clusters of galaxies, like celestial bouquets, Each one a masterpiece, from vast cosmic arrays, So much still to discover, so far we've yet to see, The beauty of space, an eternal mystery. For in this beauty, we find our place, A humbling reminder of our cosmic embrace, We are but stardust, born from their fire, Connected to the cosmos, our deepest desire. So let us marvel at the beauty above, The wonders that space, in its vastness, does shove, For in its majesty, we find our grace, The beauty of space, in every single space.

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