poem written on 25-07-2023

The house where I was born

In a quaint little village, nestled by the bay, Stands the house where I was born, where memories sway. A place of timeless charm, shaded by age-old trees, A testament to love and life, carried on gentle breeze. Its walls tell stories, painted with laughter and tears, Witness to countless moments, throughout the years. The roof, weathered and worn, kept us safe from the rain, Sheltering dreams and ambitions, amid life's sweet refrain. The front porch, a sanctuary, for stories to unfold, Where generations bonded, and precious memories were told. Whispers of conversations, lingering in the air, Voices of those departed, their love forever shared. Inside, the rooms dance with the echoes of yesteryears, Each corner holds secrets, shedding both joy and tears. The creaking stairs, worn steps, like a gentle heartbeat, Leading me to the memories, I'm longing to repeat. The kitchen, a hub of comfort, a source of warmth and taste, Aromas linger in my mind, a comforting embrace. The table, scarred by time, where love was served each day, Laughter and conversations, filling the hearth with rays. The living room, a haven adorned with love's embrace, Where tender moments unfolded, at its cherished space. A fireplace, crackling with stories, dancing in the flame, Comforting our souls, as we carved our paths to fame. The bedrooms, soft and cozy, ensconced in peaceful dreams, Whispered lullabies and hopes, sewn in the moon's gleams. Each mattress, etched with slumber, a sanctuary of rest, Nurturing our aspirations, as we faced life's crucial test. The garden, an Eden of colors and fragrant blooms, A sanctuary of nature, banishing all life's gloom. Where laughter played hide and seek, amid flowers and trees, As children danced with joy, in the summer evening's ease. The windows, like portals, reflecting life's eternal dance, Gazing out into the world, with a hopeful glance. Through glass, tears were shed, love and loss intertwined, But the lessons learned inside those walls, forever in the mind. Though time moves swiftly, and the seasons wax and wane, The house where I was born, continues to remain. A monument to love and life, its foundation strong and true, A reminder of the roots that I hold dear and never lose. So, let the years sweep by, with their relentless tide, But the house where I was born will forever reside. A sanctuary of my heart, where I forever belong, A symbol of love's endurance, in this world where we throng. The house where I was born, it shall never truly fade, For its spirit lives within me, where memories are made. And as I tread this path, with life's twists and turns, The house where I was born, forever in my heart, burns.

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