poem written on 25-07-2023

The moon

In the vast expanse of the midnight sky, Where countless stars in ethereal beauty lie, There shines a light, serene and bright, Guiding all beneath its celestial might. The moon, a witness to the ancient days, A luminary unswayed by earthly frays, It holds within its shimmering gleam, Mysteries untold, an otherworldly dream. Born of cosmic dust and celestial fires, A silent sentinel, it never tires, From crescent to full, its phases unfold, A constant reminder of stories yet untold. Amidst the darkness, it stands alone, A beacon of hope, an ethereal throne, Its tranquil presence, a comforting sight, Casting silver radiance to embrace the night. Beneath the moon, lovers find solace true, For in its light, secrets are imbued, Whispers of passion shared under its glow, A symphony of cosmic love, forever to know. The weary souls seek solace in its light, As troubles melt away in the peaceful night, Like a guardian, the moon soothes the soul, Guiding lost hearts toward a tranquil goal. Ofttimes it weaves stories of ancient lore, Interwoven in its craters, tales of yore, Of mythical creatures and arcane art, The moon reveals secrets close to the heart. Through the eons, it has witnessed the rise and fall, Of kingdoms and empires, both great and small, A silent spectator to human trials, As it traces the path of all earthly miles. In the lonely hours before dawn's first light, The moon captivates our senses with its might, Its beauty whispers of a timeless grace, A celestial enigma we forever chase. Yet the moon is not without its shadow, For hidden beneath its tranquil glow, Lie the scars of impacts, a battered realm, A reminder that even the moon can overwhelm. And yet it perseveres, steadfast and true, A symbol of resilience for me and for you, Through every dark night, it sends its light, A quiet reminder that we too can ignite. So let us, like the moon, stand tall and bright, Illuminate the darkness, banish the blight, For within us lies a brilliance untold, A reflection of the moon's resplendent gold.

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