poem written on 12-06-2023

My Son

My son, you are the light of my life My pride and joy, my reason to strive From the moment you were born I knew I was blessed, not torn You came into the world with a cry And brought a smile to my eye A beautiful baby, with tiny fingers and toes As perfect as a little rose With every passing day You grew stronger in every way Your eyes sparkle with wonder As you explore the world, you ponder You learned to crawl and then to walk And every milestone, we cheered and talked You said your first words, and we clapped And every achievement, my heart aptly wrapped As you grew older, your curiosity bloomed You asked questions and learned, not assumed Your favorite toy was now a ball You’d kick it and run and have a ball You started school, and I watched you learn And with each grade, I saw you earn Your good grades and your confidence grew And your love for learning showed through You made new friends, and had some strife But we were there to guide you, to give you life We helped you learn right from wrong And you grew into a boy so strong As you entered your teens, my heart raced Watching you transform and take your place Amongst your peers, you became confident and true And I knew deep down, there was nothing you couldn’t do You’ve made me proud with every step And every hurdle, you’ve always leapt You’ve grown into a young man, so wise And I’m grateful for every moment, every surprise My son, through it all, you’ve been my heart And I promise to love and encourage you from the start I cherish every moment, every laugh, every tear And I’m truly grateful for every year I love you, son, always and forever And I’ll always be proud of you, now and forever.

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