poem written on 24-07-2023

Life is Beautiful

In a world of gray and sorrow, Where worries often steal tomorrow, Somewhere amidst the tangled plight, A glimmer of hope insists to ignite. Life is beautiful, despite the strife, A fragile thread woven with endless life, From the rising sun to the gentle breeze, Moments of serenity find their ease. Beneath starry heavens, twinkling light, Nature paints her canvas, oh, what a sight! Mountains towering, reaching for the sky, As oceans roar, their mighty lullaby. A symphony of colors, vibrant and bold, Life's sweet melodies, stories yet untold, Each creature that crawls, and flies on high, Whispers its tale, beneath an azure sky. Look to the gardens, where flowers bloom, Their fragrant petals dispel any gloom, From delicate roses to daisies fair, Life's beauty, so bountiful, it's everywhere. Children's laughter, a resounding song, Innocence dancing, where joy belongs, Their eyes sparkle with pure delight, Unburdened souls, shining so bright. Love's gentle touch, a tender embrace, Filling hearts with warmth, a sacred space, From friendships forged to passions that ignite, Life's treasures, love's purest light. Through trials and tears, life's lessons learned, Growth from within, like a phoenix returned, For even in darkness, new paths are shown, Strength emerges from seeds long sown. Life, a tapestry woven incomplete, Embroidered with moments both bitter and sweet, Through thick and thin, it carries along, A resilient vessel, a siren's song. So, let us remember, as days unfold, Life's intricate blessings, not to behold, Each breath we take, a gift to receive, Life is beautiful, if only we believe.

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