poem written on 14-07-2023

Abuse, I loved you, you hurt me

Abuse, I loved you, you hurt me, A tale of sorrow, a heart set free, In darkness' grip, I was deceived, But now these wounds, they shall be relieved. Like a shadow creeping in the night, You wrapped me tightly, suffocating my light, I called you love, I called you friend, But it was a cruel game, a twisted blend. Your words were daggers, piercing my soul, Your actions a poison, taking its toll, You painted a picture of false hope and dreams, While behind closed doors, you shattered my esteem. The warmth you showed was just a disguise, A mask to hide the torment in your eyes, The love you claimed was tainted with control, Leaving scars on my spirit, taking its toll. But I refuse to dwell in this despair, In the ruins you left, I'll rebuild and repair, For within my being, a fire ignites, To rise from the ashes and reclaim my rights. You may have hurt me, left scars on my skin, But deep within me, strength lies within, I won't let your darkness define my worth, I'll reclaim my power, find peace on this earth. With each step forward, I'll heal with grace, In the embrace of love, I'll find my solace, For abuse does not define who I am, I am a warrior, stronger than I ever began. No longer will your presence haunt my days, No more will I drown in your toxic ways, I will stand tall, with courage that never wanes, And your reign of terror within me, it wanes. Abuse, I loved you, blindly and so, But now I rise, like a phoenix to show, That no matter the pain, there's always a way, To heal, to grow, to find light in each day. So, goodbye to the chains that held me tight, Goodbye to the darkness, hello to the light, I'll love myself fiercely, no longer in vain, For I deserve happiness, devoid of your stain. Abuse, I loved you, you hurt me, it's true, But now I'll rewrite my story, create my own hue, For I am worthy of love, of joy, of peace, And I'll rise above, with strength that won't cease.

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