speech written on 08-12-2023

Why do you feel nervous around your crush?

Ladies and gentlemen, Today, I want to address a topic that many of us can relate to - the feeling of nervousness around our crushes. Picture this: Your heart starts racing, your palms get sweaty, and even the simplest words become elusive. Why is it that we feel this way when confronted with someone we are attracted to? Why does the mere presence of our crush render us immobilized with anxiety? Today, I aim to shed some light on this enigmatic emotion. First of all, it is essential to acknowledge that nervousness around a crush is completely normal. It is a testament to our vulnerability and the fear of potential rejection. Our crush represents a significant emotional investment, which explains why our bodies and minds react in such a profound manner. The fear of failure looms large as we step into uncharted territories of romance. One reason for our nervousness lies in our desire to make a lasting impression. When we find someone attractive, we naturally want to present the best version of ourselves. However, this desire for perfection puts immense pressure on us, creating self-doubt and anxiety. It is as though we become hyper-aware of every word, every action, fearing that the slightest misstep will result in the loss of our chances with our crush. In essence, our nervousness represents our genuine longing to appear as flawless as possible. Another factor that contributes to our jitters is what I like to call "the fear of the unknown." When we have yet to embark on a romantic journey with our crush, we are faced with a multitude of uncertainties. Will they reciprocate our feelings? What if we are not their type? These questions flood our minds, and our nerves amplify these insecurities, making the situation overwhelming. Furthermore, our nervousness comes from the immense value we attach to our crush's opinion. We see them as embodying perfection, and because of this, their approval carries an extraordinary weight. It is a daunting task to navigate the treacherous waters of trying to impress someone we admire deeply. Our fear of being judged or rejected paralyzes us, rendering us unable to be our true selves. However, while nervousness around our crush can be daunting, it is important to remember that it also holds within it a glimmer of hope and excitement. This sensation indicates that we truly care, that we are willing to take risks, and that we are capable of exposing ourselves emotionally. It is a testament to our humanity, the vulnerability that comes with seeking a connection with another human being. In conclusion, nervousness around our crushes is a natural response to the myriad of emotions we experience when faced with the possibility of a romantic relationship. Rather than seeing these nerves as a debilitating force, we should embrace them as a sign of our genuine emotions and desire for connection. Remember, it is perfectly okay to feel nervous; it shows that our hearts are guiding us toward something meaningful. So, let us take a deep breath, summon our courage, and step into the unknown, for without taking risks, we may never uncover the true potential of love. Thank you.

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