speech written on 29-07-2023

What is better: Buying pets or Adoption?

Ladies and gentlemen, Today, I want to dive into a topic that is close to the hearts of many – the age-old question of purchasing pets versus adoption. It's a decision that many individuals and families grapple with, and rightfully so. The choice between buying a pet from a breeder or adopting one from a shelter is a significant one, carrying implications for the welfare of animals and the very notion of compassion itself. Let us start by acknowledging that buying pets from breeders does have its advantages. Breeders can offer a seemingly wider array of choices, ranging from specific breeds with distinct characteristics to healthy animals free from pre-existing health conditions. It's an appealing option for those who seek a certain breed with predictable traits, or individuals interested in taking part in activities such as dog shows, where pedigree and lineage hold paramount importance. However, despite these valid points, adoption must be recognized as the epitome of compassion. Rescue animals are often cast aside by society, through no fault of their own but rather due to forsaken promises or unforeseeable circumstances. By opening our homes and hearts to these animals, we become their second chance at a better life, their beacon of hope amid a world that has often shown them cruelty. Adoption offers numerous remarkable advantages over purchasing pets. Firstly, it saves lives – every animal adopted from a shelter means one less animal facing potential euthanasia due to overcrowding. By choosing adoption, we actively reduce the number of stray animals without loving homes, combating the grave issue of overpopulation and the resulting burden on shelters nationwide. Moreover, adoption shelters are critical partners of animal control efforts, contributing to the humane management of abandoned creatures. Secondly, adoptable animals are often as healthy, if not healthier, than those for sale. Contrary to the perception that shelter animals have lingering health problems, many come with up-to-date vaccinations and have been spayed or neutered. These pets are ready to embrace their new families, often requiring no more care than any other pet you might acquire. In turn, this can save adopters significant expenses for initial veterinary care that would otherwise be necessary for pets from breeders. Lastly, adopting a pet provides a unique bonding experience between human and animal. As a proud pet parent of an adopted furry friend myself, I can attest that these animals have an unwavering devotion and unbounded love that surpasses all expectations. They cherish the opportunity to be part of a loving family, overcoming past hardships and embracing the present. So, my dear audience, when deliberating the best course of action – buying pets or adoption – let compassion be your guiding light. Consider the countless lives waiting for a second chance, for a safe place to call home. Look beyond breed, pedigree, and fancy accolades, and focus instead on the betterment of society, one loving adoption at a time. Together, let us band together to affirm that adoption is the superior choice, one that not only brings joy and fulfillment to our own lives but also gives voice to those voiceless creatures who need us the most. Thank you.

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