speech written on 18-07-2023

Money may be very helpful but can't bring happiness

Ladies and gentlemen, Today, I stand before you to address a topic that has consumed the minds of many throughout history - money and its relationship with happiness. It is a widely accepted belief that money is essential for a comfortable life, for security, and for fulfilling our desires. However, I am here to present a different perspective - one that asserts that while money may be very helpful, it cannot bring true peace and happiness. We live in a world where money plays an imperative role in our everyday lives. We work hard, make sacrifices, and sometimes compromise our happiness, all with the ultimate goal of accumulating wealth. Money enables us to acquire material possessions, provides us with a sense of security, and allows us to indulge in the luxuries that life has to offer. Yet, despite the undeniable benefits money presents, it cannot guarantee the elusive state of true happiness and inner peace. How often do we witness individuals who possess immense wealth but find themselves lost and unsatisfied? Celebrities and millionaires, who seemingly have it all, constantly struggle with loneliness, depression, and a sense of emptiness. This begs the question, if money is the key to happiness, why do those who possess it sometimes find themselves desperately seeking something more? Money can create an illusion of happiness, temporarily filling the void within us. It allows us to experience fleeting moments of pleasure and excitement when we obtain something we desire. However, this joy is transient and soon fizzles away, leaving us craving for the next shiny possession or the next extravagant experience. The insatiable hunger for more wealth becomes a never-ending cycle, leading us further away from genuine happiness. In our pursuit of money, we often neglect the values and relationships that truly bring contentment. We work for long hours, sacrificing time spent with loved ones, missing significant life events, all for the sake of increasing our bank balance. We have become entrapped in a materialistic world, where our worth is measured by the amount of money we possess, rather than the quality of our relationships, our kindness, and our compassion. True happiness emerges when we find fulfillment in the non-materialistic aspects of our lives. It is found in the laughter shared with friends, the love we give and receive, and the impact we make on others. Money can buy material comfort, but it cannot buy the profound moments that shape our lives and warm our hearts. A sunset, a tender embrace, or a heartfelt conversation cannot be purchased, and it is these simple, irreplaceable moments that truly bring us joy. In conclusion, while money holds significant importance in today's world, it is essential to recognize its limitations. Pursuing wealth at the cost of our relationships and personal well-being will only lead to an emptiness that no amount of money can fill. True happiness is found within ourselves, in the relationships we cultivate, and in how we positively impact the world. So, I implore each one of you to prioritize the things that truly matter and pursue a happiness that transcends material wealth. Thank you.

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