speech written on 22-06-2023

The problem with school uniform

Good evening, fellow students, faculty members, and respected guests. Today, I stand before you to address a growing concern among the student body: the problem with school uniforms. Uniforms are worn for the purpose of creating a sense of unity and equality among students. However, we must ask ourselves, is it really necessary for us to wear the same clothing every day in order to feel united? Does it not restrict our freedom to express ourselves and our unique identities as well as limit our diversity? Forcing students to wear the same outfit can also be financially burdening for families who cannot afford multiple uniforms and accessories. It can even lead to bullying and social exclusion if a student can't afford the latest fashionable items or alternative clothing. Furthermore, wearing the same thing every day can dull our creativity and imagination and have negative psychological effects. In addition, uniforms may serve to suppress individual expression within a broader institutional culture. Students’ clothing choices can be seen as forms of self-expression and articulations of their identities. If we are prevented from making these choices, it becomes more difficult for us to express our individuality, interests and values, and view uniforms as a suppression of our rights. It is imperative that we cultivate a culture of openness and diversity in our learning institutions. Students should be allowed to wear what they feel comfortable in, as long as it is deemed appropriate by the school’s guidelines. We need to create safe spaces for all students, where everyone can feel accepted and celebrated for their uniqueness, rather than be forced to fit into a mold that doesn’t allow self-expression. In conclusion, I urge the administration to consider reassessing their uniform policies, to create an inclusive and accepting environment for all, where students feel safe to express and celebrate their individuality, rather than being restricted by clothing choices. Thank you.

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