poem written on 01-09-2023

Leaving ones homeland

In a land far away, where the sapphire skies unfold, There lies a tale of longing, bound by love untold. For here in my heart, a flame forever aglow, Lies a piece of my homeland, where I long to go. Whence I wandered on distant shores, a soul so free, Yet my spirit remained rooted, in that land across the sea. With every passing wind that whispered in my ear, I would close my eyes and find solace in being near. Oh, how I left my homeland, in search of dreams untamed, But the echoes of my birthplace, in my heart always remained. Wild and rugged, adorned by majestic mountains so grand, Yet gentle and warm, like the touch of a lover's hand. As I journeyed through foreign lands, a nomad in my stride, Endless vistas unfolded, as my heart played its song inside. But moments would arise, when my spirit would falter and sigh, Craving the familiarity of the land beneath my homeland's sky. The colors of my memories would surface in a hue, As if the very essence of that place were painted anew. The scent of jasmine, wafting through the evening air, Would transport me in an instant, to tranquil gardens fair. And the taste of my homeland, upon my searching tongue, Would evoke forgotten melodies, the lyrics left unsung. For in my mother's recipes, lay the secrets of my past, A culinary kaleidoscope, each bite a moment that would last. The faces of my loved ones, etched like constellations bright, Their laughter and their tears like stars that pierced the night. Their souls intertwined with mine, an unbreakable bond, An invisible tether, forever fondly frond. Though time and distance may separate our weary paths, My heart longs to embrace them, for eternity it casts. In the cascading rivers and the whispering oak trees, In the rolling hills and the ocean's tranquil breeze. But life marches forward, and with each new day I find, New homes and new faces that dance within my mind. And as I yearn for what was, and what will never be, I find solace in knowing, my homeland still loves me. For love knows no boundaries, it transcends land and sea, And though the world may spin, our hearts shall always be free. So here I am, a wanderer, forever an eternal nomad, With my homeland in my pocket, forever to be had. For as long as my heart beats, and my breath embraces air, I shall hold my homeland close, my shelter from despair. Though I may wander, always onward, never still, In my heart my homeland shines, a guiding force, a will. And when the final chapter of my story is foretold, May I return to my homeland, in love's eternal fold. To rest upon its soil, to become one with the earth, My spirit forever bound, in the land that gave it birth.

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