poem written on 18-05-2023

The kiss

Softly they fall, like petals from a rose, Those first sweet moments of exploration. Passions alive that no one can foreclose, As in this embrace they find elation. 'Tis in the kiss that love doth come alive And all the world is sweeter for that thrill. No words needed, for in this gentle dive They know that nothing else could ever fill, The hunger in their hearts that longs to press Thee closer, in a voiceless declaration That love with its own sweetest caress Is found in but one perfect combination. They shift and move, as if engaged in dance, Their lips and tongues in a lover's duet, An act of passion that knows no chance, A moment to be savored not just met. And as their hearts become as one in touch, And love melts every icy barrier, They know that in this kiss they certain clutch A bliss that ne'er will be inferior. It is a moment that can not be undone, In which they find their hearts afire. And in this passage has a love begun That shall last, ever burn with desire. So let them kiss and let the world take note, That love has found its sweetest melody. For as they kiss and in each other bloat, They found the key to life’s great mystery.

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